2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

Below are the latest news stories about various localities that are working on passing Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation. This page is updated daily so please keep checking back.

One-Third of Iowa’s Counties Are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries | The Iowa Torch

County board to act on 2nd amendment sanctuary next week – commercial-news.com

31 Iowa counties have approved Second Amendment Sanctuary status – KCCI

Cherokee County is the first Second Amendment Sanctuary of 2022 – SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA

Texas Gov. Abbott Urges “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State” Legislation Following Biden …

Montgomery County resident calls for Second Amendment sanctuary | News | kmaland.com

BV County to be ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary‘ | Storm Lake Times

Blair Co. Municipalities Easily Pass Second Amendment Sanctuary Referendum – Morrisons …

Avoyelles Parish becomes a ‘Second Amendment dedicated parish’ – KALB

Blair County Sanctuary 2nd Ammendment Vote – ABC23

Voters to Decide if Blair Co., Municipalities Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary

Number of Second Amendent Sanctuary Counties in Iowa Expands to 26 in October | The Iowa Torch

Avoyelles Parish could become a second amendment ‘dedicated parish’

Malheur County Court to tell state it stands firm on local control of gun rights

Supervisors pass resolution declaring Page County “Second Amendment Sanctuary”

2nd Amendment Sanctuary States Map 2021

Dallas and Guthrie counties approve Second Amendment sanctuary status – KCCI

Supervisors declare Dallas County a Second Amendment ‘sanctuary‘ | ThePerryNews

Guthrie County Supervisors to Consider Second Amendment Sanctuary – Raccoon Valley Radio

Guthrie County Supervisors to Consider Second Amendment Sanctuary – Raccoon Valley Radio

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