Pro-Life Sanctuaries

Below are the latest news stories about various localities that are working on passing Pro-Life Sanctuary legislation or have already passed it. This page is updated daily so please keep checking back.

Outlawing Abortion One City at a Time: Pro-Life Sanctuary Movement Gains Momentum

Edinburg city council supports making city a sanctuary for the unborn

Texas city’s ordinance creates ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn

Proponents seek to have Naples labeled a sanctuary city for the unborn

Texas court allows city to be “sanctuary” for unborn

Manatee County, Florida Moves to Explore Local ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban

Texas city’s ordinance creating ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn‘ takes effect

Texas City Becomes 31st to Ban Abortion, Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn

Levelland, Sundown Vote to Outlaw Abortion, Become ‘Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn

Texas City Becomes Latest to Ban Abortion, Passes ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn‘ Ordinance

Texas City Becomes 30th to Ban Abortion, Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn

Letter to the Editor: Create more sanctuaries in Ohio for the unborn

Here’s How Pro-Lifers in a Texas City Got Planned Parenthood to Stop Killing Babies

Lebanon anti-abortion ordinance stemmed from faith of two councilmen and one citizen

Planned Parenthood Ends Abortions in Lubbock, Texas, As It Becomes Pro-Life Sanctuary City

Texas City Cleared To Become Anti-Abortion ‘Sanctuary City’ As Federal Judge Dismisses Planned …

Judge tosses Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against largest ‘sanctuary city for the unborn‘ in US

Opinion: Other cities should join Lebanon as sanctuary for the unborn

Ohio city bans all abortions, declares itself a ‘sanctuary city for the unborn’

Will Abilene become a sanctuary city for the unborn?

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