Sanctuary States

Below are the latest news stories about states that are working on passing Constitutional Sanctuary legislation. This page is updated daily so keep checking back.

Wisconsin Assembly clears 2nd Amendment sanctuary bill exempting gunowners from federal …

Lee’s signature makes Tennessee a Second Amendment sanctuary

NH is about to Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State – Granite Grok

Is PA Another 2A Sanctuary State?? – Fight for Gun Rights! – The Gun CollectiveThe Gun Collective

Gov. Lee’s Signature Makes Tennessee a Second Amendment Sanctuary – Nashville-Davidson …

Wyoming Sanctuary State Bill Gets New Life – Bearing Arms

Lee’s signature makes Tennessee a Second Amendment sanctuary

Texas is set to become a sanctuary state | IGN Boards

Texas to Become ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary,’ Prohibit Enforcement of Possible Federal Gun

Texas becomes “second amendment sanctuary”, banning federal gun control enforcement

Wisconsin Lawmakers Look at Second Amendment Sanctuary Legislation this Week

BREAKING: South Carolina Just Became A Second Amendment Sanctuary State : gunpolitics

Utah governor says he supports resolution identifying ‘risks’ of critical race theory

Texas Republicans vow to oppose all new federal gun guidelines. Specialists say it is largely a …

Utah Legislature discusses critical race theory in ‘extraordinary session’

Legislature Acts On Pandemic Relief, Masks In Schools, Other Issues

New legislation establishes SC as 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State | The Journal Online

Utah House, Senate approve resolutions to make the state a Second Amendment sanctuary

South Carolina Becomes the 12th Second Amendment Sanctuary State

Why ‘saber rattling’ led Utah lawmakers to support making Utah a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’

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