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Bill to make Ky. a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary‘ becomes law – WTVQ

Arizona Governor signs Second Amendment Freedom Act, protecting state from federal gun laws

States Take a Stand on Value of Human Life: Oklahoma Protects Unborn Babies from …

Wisconsin Senate Passes ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Bill

Washington County First in Arkansas to Declare Itself ‘Pro-Life’

Tennessee House Votes to Be Second Amendment Sanctuary

Outlawing Abortion One City at a Time: Pro-Life Sanctuary Movement Gains Momentum

Wisconsin Senate passes ‘Second Amendment sanctuary‘ legislation limiting federal gun laws

More than 61% of American Counties are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Texas is now the 15th Second Amendment Sanctuary State : Firearms

Manatee County, Florida Moves to Explore Local ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban

Missouri is Now the 14th Second Amendment Sanctuary State

Parson to sign bill making Missouri 13th state to encode Second Amendment Preservation Act

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Sanctuary State Bill – Bearing Arms

NH is about to Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State – Granite Grok

Judge tosses Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against largest ‘sanctuary city for the unborn‘ in US

Lee’s signature makes Tennessee a Second Amendment sanctuary

Texas to Become ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary,’ Prohibit Enforcement of Possible Federal Gun

Kosciusko County Commissioners pass resolution against mandatory COVID vaccinations

This county is trying to become a Vaccine Passport Sanctuary

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