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Gov. Burgum labels North Dakota a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary‘ as state leaders double down …

Gov. Stitt signs bill to make Oklahoma a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State’

Mont. passes Second Amendment sanctuary law

Not in my state: GOP Governor signs bill to protect citizens from federal gun restrictions

Gov. Hutchinson vetoes bill that would block federal gun laws in Arkansas

State Legislators Have Proposed 500 Laws Nationwide This Year to Save Babies From Abortion

The Oklahoma Senate has approved the Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act …

Bill creating “Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act” passes OK House

AL: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill heads to House! | GOA – Gun Owners of America

Should Louisiana be a ‘sanctuary state‘ for oil and gas? This bill would make it so

AR: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill Passes House and Heads to the Governor! | GOA

Montrose the latest Colorado county to declare sanctuary status against forced wolf importation

Blue Hill outlaws abortion with city ordinance

2A Sanctuary moves forward in TX Senate! | GOA Texas

Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill Approved by Texas House Committee

Arkansas Senate Passes 2A Sanctuary Bill – Bearing Arms

MT: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill Heads to Governor Gianforte! | GOA – Gun Owners of America

Speaking with Noah Davis of

Ariz. Becomes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State : Firearms

Sanctuary City, Second Amendment Bills Advance State House Committee

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