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Anti-restriction counties prep to manage own virus rules

Erdman at the Legislature: Sanctuary for gun owners – The North Platte Bulletin

AZ: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill heads to Senate! | GOA

20th Texas City Bans Abortions, Becomes “Sanctuary for the Unborn

OK: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill out of Senate Committee! | GOA – Gun Owners of America

ND: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill is moving to the Senate! | GOA

6 SC senators want to make the state a Second Amendment Sanctuary

Second Amendment Resolutions Add Emphasis to Adage That ‘All Politics is Local’

Governor introduces ‘Faith Protection Act’

Rep. Anthony Sabatini Introduces Legislation To Make Florida ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary …

North Dakota House passes ‘Second Amendment sanctuary bill’

Rep. Mary Johnson Stellar in Defense of States’ Rights- Sanctuary Gun Bill Passes – The …

Rep. Scotty Campbell on push to make Tennessee a 2nd amendment sanctuary

Proposed Bills Would Make Missouri A Sanctuary State For Gun Owners – The Police Tribune

Facing aggressive Biden agenda, nation’s most gun-friendly state looks to get even friendlier.

‘We’re going to try to get it done here in Tennessee’: Local lawmaker proposes 2nd Amendment …

Horowitz: North Dakota House votes to block all existing and future unconstitutional federal policies

EDITORIAL: ‘Sanctuary‘ counties fight coronavirus restrictions

Goldsmith Becomes 19th ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’ in Texas

National gun sanctuary proposed by Marjorie Taylor Greene

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