2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

Below are the latest news stories about various localities that are working on passing Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation. This page is updated daily so please keep checking back.

Texas is now the 15th Second Amendment Sanctuary State : Firearms

Gov. Greg Abbott Makes Texas a ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary State’ by Legalizing Carry of …

Governor Abbott Signs Second Amendment Legislation Into Law

Piscataquis becomes first Maine county to declare itself a Second Amendment sanctuary

Piscataquis becomes 1st Maine county to declare itself a Second Amendment sanctuary

All 29 Utah Sheriffs Promise to ‘Steadfastly Protect’ 2nd Amendment Amid Gun-Control Push

Missouri is Now the 14th Second Amendment Sanctuary State

Utah’s 29 Sheriffs Pledge to Protect Second Amendment Rights from Federal Gun Controls

Navajo County vows to resist ‘unconstitutional’ federal gun laws

Parson to sign bill making Missouri 13th state to encode Second Amendment Preservation Act

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Sanctuary State Bill – Bearing Arms

Gloucester leaders reaffirm commitment to Second Amendment sanctuary status

Wisconsin Assembly clears 2nd Amendment sanctuary bill exempting gunowners from federal …

Assembly takes up ‘Second Amendment sanctuary‘ bill that would bar enforcement of federal gun …

Republicans seek to shield Wisconsin gun owners from feds

Lee’s signature makes Tennessee a Second Amendment sanctuary

Second Amendment Wins of the Week : 5/30/2021 -6/04/2021

NH is about to Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State – Granite Grok

San Clemente, Known More For Its Sand And Sun, Declares Itself A Safe Haven For Gun Owners

Board committee votes to make Macomb County a sanctuary for Second Amendment

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