2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

Below are the latest news stories about various localities that are working on passing Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation. This page is updated daily so please keep checking back.

Woodbury County officials considering ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary‘ resolution

Pro-gun Iowans say 2nd Amendment sanctuaries can keep rights from being ‘chipped away at’

These Iowa counties voted to become ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries.’ Here’s what that means.

Crucial Components in the Creation of Successful 2nd AmendmentSanctuary” States

Proposed Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance

New bid made to make county a 2nd Amendment sanctuary

Jefferson County commissioners sign resolution supporting Second Amendment

Two Iowa counties pass 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolutions

Jasper County Supervisors vote to create ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary

Indian River County becomes state’s 45th ‘Second Amendment sanctuary‘ protecting gun rights

Indian River County becomes state’s 45th ‘Second Amendment sanctuary‘ protecting gun rights

McCracken County passes resolution becoming Second Amendment Sanctuary

McCracken County passes resolution to become a second amendment sanctuary

Second Amendment resolution remains under review in Towamensing

Group pushing to make Jefferson County, Ohio a Second Amendment sanctuary county

Village Board to debate second amendment sanctuary this month

Powers asks commissioners to defend Second Amendment

Group pushing to make Jefferson County a second amendment sanctuary county

Felzkowski-authored Second Amendment sanctuary bill heads to Evers’ desk

Sugarcreek council OKs Second Amendment sanctuary designation

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