What is a Constitutional Sanctuary?

A Constitutional Sanctuary is simply a municipality that has declared itself to be a safe haven for various constitutionally protected rights. While the concept of Constitutional Sanctuaries started with Second Amendment Sanctuaries, it was expanded upon as multiple states began locking down their citizens and stripping them of their Constitutional Rights.

You should not confuse a Constitutional Sanctuary with the more commonly known, “Sanctuary City,” which liberals have often used as a means to defy federal immigration laws. The term Constitutional Sanctuary only applies to a sanctuary for a right which is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Cities, towns, counties, boroughs, states and other municipalities have declared themselves to be Constitutional Sanctuaries of one form or another by various means. Generally, local elected politicians will pass a declaration, resolution, ordinance, bill, act or other form of legislation to declare themselves to be a Constitutional Sanctuary.

One of the main differences in these various methods to declare a Constitutional Sanctuary is the extent to which that sanctuary actually has the force of law. Generally, declarations and resolutions do not have any force of law and are often considered symbolic, while ordinances, bills, acts, etc. are considered to actually be enforceable.

There are now multiple types of Constitutional Sanctuaries that have been passed in the United States. There are Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Bill of Rights Sanctuaries, Sanctuaries for Business, Pro-Life Sanctuaries, COVID-19 Sanctuaries and Religion Sanctuaries. You can see some examples of these various Constitutional Sanctuaries by clicking here.

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